Mount St. Laundry & Breaking Down a Process

This week on QBO Show, our guest was Joe Woodard, and we discussed the upcoming Scaling New Heights conference, and it got me thinking about Mount St. Laundry and the entire idea of breaking down a process - whatever that process might be. As he was explaining the...

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Use Zero Dollar Transactions to Upload Sales/Payroll Tax Confirmations in QuickBooks Online

One of my favorite things about QuickBooks Online is the ability to attach documents to transactions, customers & vendors. It’s a great way to keep track of receipts, engagement letters, and W9s. However, there’s a limitation to this: users are not able to attach documents to sales tax transactions or payroll tax payments, made outside of QuickBooks Online Payroll epayments and efilings. I have a simple work around that allows me to attach efile and epay confirmations, and at the the same time, make it easy to find these transactions via a QBO search.
I use Zero Dollar transactions to upload Sales/Payroll Tax confirmations in QuickBooks Online.

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