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Kildal Services LLC Named as Intuit Top 20 Firm of the Future

The Firm of the Future: Get Stuff Done Anywhere

I’m a cute dresses and high heels kind of gal. When I started my bookkeeping and consulting practice in 2004, it was because I wanted to work on my own terms. In 2008, I went remote be able to from home after my son was born. I soon realized that working in my jammies or on my deck or snuggled up in bed was TOTALLY AWESOME, no matter how much I love a fantastic pair of heels.

Moving the majority my clients to QuickBooks Online freed up a ton of my time, enabling me to post answers on forums, and essentially build a brand for myself as a great bookkeeper, QBO expert and help others perfect what I call Work/Life Integration (because balance, I think, is BS).

When Intuit asked for video submissions to the Firm of the Future this summer, I almost didn’t enter. They wanted accounting firms across the U.S. to showcase their forward thinking, future-ready business practices and tell us why they are a Firm of the Future. And I thought, “Well hell, is this futuristic? I’ve been doing it for, like, 7 years.”

To me, what is most exciting about my practice is the work/life integration, and helping others find it as well. I’m passionate about helping others get to where I am in my life:  being able to work from anywhere, being able to take a hike in the middle of the day, doing what I want to do while running my business – how awesome is that!

Well, Intuit agreed that it is awesome and has made me a finalist in the Firm of the Future contest. Thanks Intuit! Not only for including me as a finalist but for enabling me to have that work/life integration!

Check out my video submission, below and you can watch videos from the other finalists here



  1. Sue Hunter

    Just saw your video submission for “Firm of the Future” on your blog and loved it! Wanted to invite you to sunny California to my pool to work… I am just starting on my journey to start a Quickbooks Online business and wondered what kind of people worked remotely and if I was going to like it. If your blog is any indication of the people who have their own businesses on QBO, I’m going to love it. After 30+ years of working for law firms and non-profit corporations, I can’t wait to get started. Thank you for giving me the extra impetus to move forward.

    • StacyK


      This post made my day – my apologies for not getting a chance to reply to it for so long! Good luck and have fun getting started. If you’re just getting going, you might want to check out as well. We have Round 3 starting in the beginning of February.



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