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Busy season is over, now what will you do?

Another one down, and a big shout out to too all of my fellow accounting professionals! My question to you is: Busy season is over, now what will you do?

As a bookkeeping firm, our business starts around Thanksgiving, and finishes around the end of May. We start during the holidays getting our existing clients year end prepared, so that once December 31 comes around, things go as smoothly as possible. We get many new clients that need data entry completed before they can get their returns done. Some just want a QuickReview to make sure the books they have are clean and ready.

I know many tax preparers will take (well deserved) time off, but the question remains when you return from that vacation: Now that busy season is over, what will you do?

For Kildal Services, this is a question that I start thinking about as soon as our busy starts. At the end of each year, we set goals related to revenue, clients and team members. Having these goals in place helps us plan when busy season is over – what sort of marketing will we do? To whom will be market? What sort of budget are we going to have to work with?

Busy season is over, now what will you do?


Our plan this year is simple:

  1. Get more active in local activities. Now that busy season is over, I’ve already participated by co-sponsoring a TGIF Coffee for the Highland White Lake Business Association, and am scheduled to have a table at the local high school Career Day.
  2. Try out a new marketing approach: custom landing pages, combined with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Ads
  3. Stick to the types of clients we love (photographers, auto repair, landscaping, PR/marketing & consultants), and the services (technology consulting, QBO conversions,  QuickReview™ and of course, bookkeeping) we do best.
  4. Cleaning up our website, to add more consistency and calls to action.


Now that busy season is over, we’ll also be revamping content for Weeks 1 & 4 in, and revamping the entire site to make it easier to navigate.

I’d love to hear from you:

Busy season is over, what are your plans for 2017?

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