I’m the first one to say that I’m incredibly lucky. Over the the last few years, I’ve told hundreds – no, thousands of people that I’ve presented to – how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such a great support system. Having gone through 2 sessions of...

You never know where you might find inspiration. 

A lazy Saturday afternoon of book reading, right? I just read and re-read this at least 4 times.  “After you have suffered great losses and known much pain, it is not cowardice to wish to live henceforth with a minimum of suffering. And one form of heroism, about...

#QBConnect is on Slack

My friend Seth David and I created a Slack team for people to connect and chat about the upcoming QuickBooks Connect conference.  We have a channel for each session, channels to make plans for after conference hours, even a channel to help you learn slack! Join...

Is it time to Disconnect?

I don’t mean in general, like “turn off your phone and disconnect” or “get back to nature”. I mean, really, who actually does that? Not me. I even have a little waterproof case so I can take my phone to the pool, or the beach. Disconnect...

QuickReview™, QuickBooks Online & Sales Tax

Our QuickReview™ service helped improve how our client manages sales tax in QuickBooks Online Recently, at Kildal Services, we were contacted by a prospective client about our QuickReview™ service. We jumped on the project, and quickly identified some…...

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