StacyK’s Step by Step: Post QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online Conversion Sales Tax Clean Up

After conversion you’ll most likely see multiple sales tax payable accounts on the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online. There will be one account in QuickBooks Online for each Sales Tax Payable account you had in desktop. In addition, QuickBooks Online, by default, will create a Sales Tax Agency Payable account for each sales tax jurisdiction the desktop file had. To clean this up, you’ll need to make the accounts that came from desktop inactive (delete them) and use the new accounts in QuickBooks Online to track sales tax – make sure you make the proper adjustments to zero out the balances in these accounts

QuickBooks Online Bundles Have Arrived!

NOTE: This feature is a LIMITED RELEASE as of August 5, 2016; not all users will have it. As a longtime lover of the Group Items available in QuickBooks Desktop, I am ridiculously excited to see that we now have something similar in QuickBooks Online - they're called...

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