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  • Learn how a cloud-based accounting business will improve you client relationships and make your practice more efficient
  • Simplify your billing your billing to make budgeting easier for your client and your income more predictable
  • Discover how working online helps you win more business

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Invest in your business, invest in yourself

Full Disclosure: this is a salesy blog post. I want you to register for And not just so I make money. I want you to do it because I want YOU to make more money, have better clients and a better work/life balance. We’re just about a month away from...


I recently wrote a series of articles about redesigning my practice and developing, and I thought it might be nice to consolidate them all here in one place for your reading enjoyment: Redesigning My Practice Part 1: One of the hardest things to do...

Playing Lego® and all that it represents

A few weeks ago, I took a day – and I mean ALL DAY, like 11 hours – and built the Lego® Tower of Orthanc. It was a Wednesday, it was spectacular. How was I to know it would prove to be such a symbol of my career?? The week after Easter, my kids were off...

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